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Multimedia Technology

SAU Tech’s multimedia program offers three tracks- simulation and Game Design, graphic design, and film and video production. This is a technical program that prepares you to go to work in creative fields such as advertising, film, etc. Students learn to use various software programs and equipment while in this program. Working with real clients is a large part of the training in this program.

Graphic Design

The graphic design courses teach students to create graphic and illustrations for everything from brochures to cereal boxes. The graphic design courses provide the skills needed to be a successful designer in today's job market. Students get hands-on experience to develop creativity, design skills, and client relations.

Film & Video

The film and video courses allow students to work with companies from as far away as Hollywood, California. Students gain hands-on experience at a professional level so they can be ready for the "real world" when they graduate.

Simulation and Game Design

Simulation and Game Design Emphasis courses provide the practical knowledge to enter the major animation fields of today's marketplace. This includes the video game industry, the emerging fields of 3D simulation, and the film industry. The skills and knowledge demanded by the job market are provided to students through a strong applications-based technology curriculum.