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Teacher Education

SAU Tech offers the first two years of a teaching degree and has transfer plans set-up for students to various four-year colleges in the state. This program also offers an associate degree in child development and certifications.

Hear what our students are saying:

Female Student

"I needed to take a few classes during the summer in order to be ready to start the early childhood education program in the fall. SAU Tech was the only school (reasonably located to me) that offered the courses I needed that summer. I was able to take a total of eighteen hours online in one summer and never had to leave my house. They took care of my enrollment via fax and email as well as taking care of my books with very little effort on my part. I was so impressed with how easy it was to enroll in SAU Tech. After taking the summer courses it didn’t take long for me to decide that I wanted to obtain my Associates Degree of Arts from SAU Tech. I have been out of high school for fifteen years, the hassle of enrolling in college was enough to deter me from going back, but the faculty and administration made the process extremely easy and “pain-free”. I highly recommend SAU Tech to anyone considering post-secondary education!" - Cindee Mason