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Planning, Accountability and Development

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Southern Arkansas University Tech is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

The Higher Learning Commission
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, Illinois 60604-1413
Telephone: 1.800.621.7440 or 1.312.263.0456
Facsimile: 1.312.263.7462

Other programs and their respective approvals and accreditations are as follows:

To file a complaint with an accrediting agency:

The Arkansas State Approving Agency for Veterans Training has approved some programs at SAU Tech as training for individuals eligible for educational benefits under the GI Bill.

For more information about SAU Tech's accreditation processes call 870.574.4560.

Arkansas Department of Higher Education Reporting

As an Arkansas post secondary education public institution, SAU Tech is required by Arkansas law to submit student enrollment data to the Arkansas Department of High Education (ADHE) using the Student Information system (SIS).

Assessment Committee

The Southern Arkansas University Tech Assessment Committee works with the vice chancellor for academic affairs to help direct the on-going assessment of student academic success and effective teaching on campus.

The Assessment Committee:

  • Attends regional and national workshops and conferences to increase the committee's knowledge of assessment techniques and methods.
  • Conducts campus workshops and seminars to educate faculty about the latest assessment techniques and methods and to educate the college community about the overall purpose of assessment.
  • Drives the direction of assessment on campus by providing leadership and guidance in the development of assessment goals, objectives, and measures within the assessment plan.
  • Provides leadership in increasing faculty participation in the assessment process.
  • Reviews assessment activities at the program and discipline level, evaluates and approves program and discipline level goals, objectives, and measures within the assessment plan which relate to assessment and recommends to the vice chancellor for academic affairs appropriate curricular changes to enhance program quality.
  • Works with the vice chancellor for academic affairs, initiates program, discipline, and classroom level assessment methodologies and measures when needed.
  • Drives the discipline and classroom level utilization of assessment data to improve student learning and ensure effective teaching.
  • Shares with the college community information regarding assessment activities and accomplishments and changes made as a result of the assessment process.

Committee Members:

  • Bill Archer
  • Diane Betts
  • Johnie Hall
  • Lisa Oden
  • Phyllis Hutson
  • Robert Gunnels


Committee & Teams

AQIP Facilitator

Dr. Diane Betts, Vice Chancellor for Planning, Accountability and Development Officer

AQIP Steering Committee

Dr. Diane Betts (Chair), Wayne Banks, Robert Gunnels, Laura Johnson, Allison Malone, Gaye Manning, Letitia Rusch and Dr. Valerie Wilson

PAD Planning

SAU Tech's Office of Planning, Accountability and Development is responsible for facilitating the planning process including the institutional strategic plan and the assessment of student outcomes plan. Personnel from the PAD office serve on the institution's assessment committee which is the oversight committee for all assessment processes and procedures. The Vice Chancellor is also the liaison with North Central Association staff and supervises the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) process for accreditation.

PAD Research

This office is responsible for gathering, analyzing, and disseminating information to be used for reporting (internal and external), institutional planning, evaluation of programs and services, assessment of institutional effectiveness and the accreditation process.


The PAD, research unit conducts various survey evaluations to assist the institution in its evaluation of faculty [Report on Teaching Student Evaluations]; student support and services, customer satisfaction, feedback, suggestions, and recommendations for improvement [Student Opinion Survey, Graduate Exit Opinion Survey]. This unit is also the proponent for survey development.