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Disability Services

In compliance with the Rehabilitation Act 504, the college provides these services:

  • Peer Tutoring--There are a limited number of tutors available, depending on the subject area, the number of qualified tutors, and funding. Not every request for tutoring can be filled and there is a limited amount of time which can be allocated to each student requesting tutoring services.
  • Library Services--There are video tapes and computer programs which may be helpful in some subject areas.
  • Counselor Referral--Students in need of more services than the college can provide are generally referred to the Arkansas Rehabilitation Service Office in El Dorado or their hometown office, if available.
  • Request for Testing--This is handled on an individual basis with approval of the counselor or the instructor and at student's expense.
  • Request to Tape Course Lectures--This is handled on an individual basis with approval of the instructor.
  • Request for a Tutor/Note taker--Documentation of need by a clinical professional will be required prior to approval of this service.
  • Testing Accommodations--Students who need un timed tests, special paper or tutor to write answers must receive authorization for these services prior to enrolling for courses.
  • Computer Labs--The college has an open computer lab for students' use. Arrangements for use of computers for testing or assignments must be approved by the instructor. The student will need prior approval for this arrangement before registering for any courses.
  • SAU Tech has a supply of Comtek AT-72 FM personal sound amplification systems for use by those with hearing losses. These units can be checked out from the Vice Chancellor for Student Services after receiving proper hearing loss verification by an appropriate physician.

It is recommended that students who have special needs have an admissions interview to discuss learning services available through the college to determine whether services are available that will meet their needs or that the student will be responsible for providing.

Meet the Staff

Photo: Jenny Sanders

Jenny Sanders

Director of Enrollment Services